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A Penny For Your Squats.


Whelp, you’ve just been marketed to. Our punny ad got you to flip to the next page of our marketing fairytale. You visited our website and indulged in our 36-Pack of Creativity. You fell for it hook, line, and drinker. We’re a creative agency and this is what we do. Scroll to see what this is all about.

If at first you don't suck seed, try, try again.


Once upon a time, 36 concocted a campaign to take old proverbs we’ve all been braided with and put a new/punny French twist on them. Our objective was to elicit an emotional reaction—keep the viewer thinking about what they saw. Yes, chopping off your dead-ended strategy would be a good thing!

A nerd in the hand is worth two in the bush.


Yeah, it’s goofy and random but it represents what sets 36 apart. We put together a strategy, finessed it in a way that didn’t break your fantasy, and got a response—a giggle, wiggle, or sniffle. You were curious enough to visit a damsel in a dress.

Toys will be toys.


Whether we’re using humor or not, we always use strategy, ingenuity, and creativity with a particular goal in mind. If you feel like your marketing plan is locked in a castle of mediocrity, 36 is the agency where you should hang your cat, er hat, and live happily ever after.


23 South Broadway, Suite 11
Salem , NH   03079


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